What is My Skin Sequence?

What is My Skin Sequence?

What is My Skin Sequence?

Delving beneath the surface of what your Atolla "Skin Sequence" means.

Your Skin Sequence is a high-level summary of your skin health. Specifically, it reflects your top skin concern, your skin sensitivities, and your oil, moisture and pH levels. The Atolla system measures various other aspects of your skin, but we have found these five factors to be the most representative of skin health.

Developing your personalized Skin Sequence begins with your top skin concern, with is represented with a single letter:

B: Breakouts

C: Congestion

D: Dryness

I: Discoloration

W: Wrinkles


After identifying your top skin concern, it's time to think about your unique sensitivities, oil, moisture and pH levels to develop a holistic skin sequence! 

To truly understand what’s going on, Atolla tracks three key skin measurements  (moisture, oil and pH) in order to prevent and treat any issue caused by an imbalance. Why these three?

Moisture: Well moisturized skin is the quickest way to improve your appearance. Your moisture levels are used to design a formulation that keeps your skin optimally hydrated.

Oil: Your skin needs oil to function properly, but in excess, it can lead to other problems. Your oil measurements help select the best ingredients to keep your skin in balance.

pH: Your skin's pH can offer a window into how effective your skin barrier is (susceptibility to bacteria, allergens, and pollution). By tracking your skin's pH, we make sure your skincare routine helps you stay in the optimal range of 4.5 - 6.0.

After completing your Atolla Skin Health Kit, you'll receive your Skin Sequence. An example of what a Skin Sequence might look like is: B-2573. The first letter represent your top skin concern, in this case B for Breakouts. The first number represents your oil score, normalized (scale from 1-9): a 2 means low oil compared to everyone else in our database. The second number represents your hydration score (scale of 1-9): 5 corresponds to average hydration compared to everyone in our database. The third number represents your pH level (scale of 4-7): 7 is alkaline. The fourth and final number corresponds to sun sensitivity on the Fitzpatrick index (1-6): 3 means that you burn and then tan. 

Skin changes, so your Skin Sequence may change over time too! The Atolla dashboard will help you keep track of how and why these key skin measurements are changing.