Frequently Asked Questions

What does my subscription include?

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Your monthly subscription includes a personalized serum, skin analysis kit, and tracking via the Atolla Skin Health online interface. You will receive a skin test kit each month in order to track your skin’s progress. Your subscription includes free shipping, with the opportunity to reformulate for free, and you can change or cancel your subscription anytime.

You have the option to change your subscription settings if your routine necessitates - or if you prefer - deliveries that are more or less frequent than once per month (default). 

As a personalized product, we’re keen to support you and your skin, and personal support is also included with your subscription. Please contact us any time, and we’ll be glad to discuss your skincare routine and potential options to improve your serum.

How do I sign up?

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Sign up for your first month of Atolla, then start creating your skin profile while you’re waiting for your Skin Health Kit to arrive!

What does my Skin Sequence mean?

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Skin Sequence is a high-level summary of your skin health. Specifically, it reflects your top skin concern, your skin sensitivities, your oil, moisture, and pH levels. Although we measure many other aspects of your skin, we have found these 5 factors to be the most important factors in representing skin health.

How do Atolla’s algorithms work?

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We’ve all been there - trying to figure out what’s going on with our skin and not having a clue. This is where the Atolla algorithms and skin analysis come in. The skin analysis captures information about many factors that affect your skin, and our algorithms use this information and our efficacy database - leveraging insights from people who have similar skin to you to determine what will work best for you.

Each time that you input your test kit results, we adjust your formulation to fit your skin, lifestyle, and the environment around you.

What is the Atolla System?

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Atolla applies the scientific method to skincare. We’ve developed a proprietary system to help you quantifiably measure what’s going on with your skin, and we use that knowledge to develop your personalized serum.

The serum we create combats your specific skin issues and concerns and fits your environment, lifestyle, and routine. As you measure changes in your skin over time, your serum will also adapt. Our machine-learning algorithm recognizes patterns in your skin, and we use this information to always provide you with the best solution.