Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Skin Sequence mean?

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Skin Sequence is a high-level summary of your skin health. Specifically, it reflects your top skin concern, your skin sensitivities, your oil, moisture, and pH levels. Although we measure many other aspects of your skin, we have found these 5 factors to be the most important factors in representing skin health.

How do Atolla’s algorithms work?

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We’ve all been there - trying to figure out what’s going on with our skin and not having a clue. This is where the Atolla algorithms and skin analysis come in. The skin analysis captures information about many factors that affect your skin, and our algorithms use this information and our efficacy database - leveraging insights from people who have similar skin to you to determine what will work best for you.

Each time that you input your test kit results, we adjust your formulation to fit your skin, lifestyle, and the environment around you.