Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in my subscription?

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Your monthly subscription includes your custom serum, Skin Health Kit, and progress tracking on your account dashboard. 

Do I have to subscribe? Can I make a one-time purchase?

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We believe in the power of adaptive skincare, which is why we use a subscription-based model to test your skin every month and activate your most up-to-date formula. But don’t worry — you can always change your renewal date or skip your next order, no questions asked.

Your subscription begins once you have confirmed the order of your first month of serum. 

How do I get started?

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Click here to fill out your initial assessment and unlock your starter serum.

I have a discount code or credit. How do I apply it?

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On the checkout screen, enter your promo code and select "apply."

If you have account credit, you should see it on your Account Info page next to Account Balance.

If you have any questions or to apply a discount or account credit outside of a purchase transaction, please contact [email protected]

Why do I have to enter my credit card info when I sign up?

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We manage subscriptions and process payment transactions through Stripe. The credit card input is a requirement from Stripe to complete any transaction, including $0. We are still determining a way to process serum subscriptions without taking credit card information.