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New York, NY

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Sep 2019 Dec 2019

Atolla Customer Reviews

Leslie icon.check Created with Sketch.

Jan. 4, 2020

Saved my face!

Combined with an anti-aging acne routine, Atolla has saved my face. I'm no longer embarrassed of my skin!

Michelle icon.check Created with Sketch.

Jan 16 2020

More even skin tone and glow

I've been using my personal serum for almost 2 weeks and see a change in my face already it's gotten a more even skin tone and has a glow.

Karen icon.check Created with Sketch.

Jan 22 2020

A Step Above!

I am really liking that you test my oil levels, moisture, and PH. I really feel as if you have identified my skin type! It's a step above other personalized skin care.

Grace icon.check Created with Sketch.

Dec 27 2019

No More Guesswork

I love feeling that my routine isn't guesswork, and I love the base of my serum. My skin tone is more even, and my breakouts are clearing faster than they used to.

In The Press

"A supercharged serum that probably scored better on the SATs than you did."
"Testing your skin takes just about 10 minutes (I tried it) and is pretty straightforward, thanks to on-screen directions from Atolla’s mobile app."